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Even Leftists are Embracing the Trump Trade  

February 15, 2017

Even Leftists are Embracing the Trump Trade   Haters are gonna hate, as the kids these days say. But the smart haters are going to hate while also making money. That’s precisely what leftist icon, and billionaire manipulator of markets, George Soros, has decided to do. The big money backer of so much liberal activism […]

Confident People Don’t Look Down

February 8, 2017

I’m a horseman, and I take pride in learning about myself from one of the best teachers on earth — the horse. You see, the horse is a herd animal, and one that has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to thrive in its group social structure. The horse also is an animal that […]

Weekly ETF Report: On Love, Poverty and War

February 1, 2017

There’s an old saying in the literary world that a man’s life is incomplete until he has tasted love, poverty and war. Beginning with the latter, my closest brush came in January 1991. I was just graduating from the U.S. Army Airborne School at Ft. Benning, Georgia, when the bombs began raining down on Saddam […]

As I Bid You a Fond Farewell…

January 27, 2017

When I first got into the investment business with my father, Dick Fabian, nearly four decades ago, about 95% of mutual funds were high-fee and charged a “load.” The attraction of my family’s newsletter back then was that it served as a sort of “investor guidebook” to navigate the then-relatively-new landscape of low-fee, “no-load” mutual […]

‘Trump On’ or ‘Trump Off’?

January 24, 2017

If you’ve been watching markets on a daily basis, as I have for the past 20-plus years, you know that there are various periods when trading has shown certain specific characteristics. In the 1990s, it was “buy the dip” in Internet stocks. After the financial crisis, and for most of 2009 through Election Day 2016, […]

The Case for Going International, Part II

January 11, 2017

In our last issue, we outlined the case for going international with more of your equity allocations. The reasons why were actually quite simple. First, a strong U.S. dollar is bearish for currencies such as the euro and the yen, and weak currencies in these respective markets are equity bullish. Second, on a valuation basis, […]

The Case for Going International

January 6, 2017

The Dow is nearly at 20,000, and optimism about the U.S. market and the American economy are brimming. Yet does that mean that U.S. stocks are going to lead the charge higher in 2017? Not necessarily. After all, it’s rare that one market has a great year, and then leads the way higher the succeeding […]

Finishing the 2016 Roller Coaster Ride

December 31, 2016

I was speaking with a friend about the financial markets’ moves in 2016. As is usually the case, the market didn’t go quite as most thought it would. We started off the roller-coaster year with a big China-inspired sell-off that lasted through mid-February. Then we rebounded robustly from mid-February though late June. That late-June swoon […]

The Best Holiday Presents Keep on Giving

December 23, 2016

It is the holiday season, and I hope your celebration is replete with the joy of giving and receiving gifts to and from friends and family. Now, I’m big on giving gifts that keep on giving, meaning that I like giving and receiving gifts of knowledge. This year, I have a few holiday presents that […]

The Fed Hikes, ups 2017 Expectations

December 16, 2016

The big market-moving news this week was the Fed, and its decision to raise interest rates for the first time in a year. That move on Wednesday by Janet Yellen and her fellow central bankers was widely expected. What wasn’t anticipated was the ratcheting up of rate-hike expectations for 2017. The Fed “dots,” which are […]

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