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Rebuilding America Will Create
Lasting Wealth


The First Mover’s Guide to Low-Risk, High Gain Infrastructure ETF Investing – Discover how to beat bandwagon investors to the punch with 3 low-risk, massive-potential ETFs including these:

12-Month Target 39%

An infrastructure ETF that features America’s greatest companies.

It’s a fund that has climbed 16% since late January 2016… Jim says it looks set to soar to stunning new heights as the great American rebuilding picks up speed.

Alone, it would cost you nearly $1,300 + commissions to buy one share each of the fund’s top 10 holdings… Instead you can buy this fund today for literally pennies on the dollar, compared to the market and buying all its shares on your own.

12-Month Target 118%

Your No-Risk subscription to Jim Woods’ Successful ETF Investing also grants you immediate access to leading edge research about an energy infrastructure ETF with a fuse that is already ignited.

This is a quiet energy infrastructure ETF that’s already up 42% since late January 2016. At last look (in mid-October), it would cost you $437.61 to buy an individual share in each of the energy infrastructure fund’s top 10 holdings.

But, you can buy a single share in the fund for $25.17… or just under 20 shares of the complete fund for what it would cost you to but a single share of its top 10.

You’ll get all of the details of these 2 booming infrastructure ETFs, along with another other recommendations also primed for huge profits.

The Miracle of Booming
Asian Infrastructure

As part of his deep analysis of America’s infrastructure trend, Jim also discovered that some of what we hear about a cooling global economy is pure bunk!

The excitement in Asia is still electric.


Hands Across the Water: 3 World Beating Infrastructure Plays – You’ll discover how demand from huge populations of newly middle class Asians – from Taiwan, to Hong Kong, to South Korea, to the Philippines and India – are driving a monumental boom in retail, commercial, and residential building… along with the demand for better highways, Internet/communications, water and sewer.

Here’s information on the 3 fast-growth ETFs this report features:

12-Month Target 88%

An ETF is made up of top construction companies, cement makers, engineering and project management companies, and energy conglomerates with active contracts in India today. What better way to play this rip-roaring emerging economy than with a basket of stocks from an ETF that puts you in the heart of the action, while slicing your risk to the bone.

12-Month Target 59%

An international ETF made of the top names in banking, construction and telecommunications companies from Asia. This fund looks set to soar, because it’s already up 33% since late January 2016.

12-Month Target 108%

A global master limited partnership and energy infrastructure ETF that caught fire in late January 2016, and is now up 67% this year on what could be an unstoppable march to historic heights.

In Hands Across the Water, you’ll find everything you need to invest in these 3 high-profit-potential ETFs.

Don’t Let Inflation Fears Deflate
Your Sizable Profit Potential

Infrastructure spending across Asia and America will stimulate economies and likely spark some inflation.

Don’t fall for the doom and gloom negativity about inflation.

Jim Woods has the vast experience of knowing what works during inflation.

That’s why you need to get your hands on these 2 new reports now!


How to Make Inflation a Winning Investment Strategy – Reveals 3 sectors other than infrastructure that should spring to life during inflation, and the best ways to play each, including…

12-Month Target 71%

A suddenly-stirring natural resources ETF. Made up of oil and gas explorers, energy explorers, and global agrochemical companies, infrastructure investors who identified the megatrend early have already pushed this ETF in what is likely to be the opening salvo of unlimited growth.

12-Month Target 29%

That precious metals soar during times of inflation is an investment fact of life. In this report, Jim will point you toward a non-gold precious metal ETF that could dominate during moderate inflation. This fund is up just over 20% for the year. It should have miles of room left to run.

Again, as inflation heats up, you do not want to be late to the dance. Get off the sidelines now with these 3 recommended plays.

This ETF holds inflation-protected securities, bonds and Treasury notes.  Even in today’s artificially low rate environment, this fund’s up 3.29% YTD.  But, once inflation sets in, this fund will take off like a moon shot. 

Treating Inflation as a Golden Time
Should Lead to Big League Successes


The Gold Rush of 2017 – 2018 – Contains no fewer than 11 investments recommendations, covering 4 different ways to get into gold as an investment today: physical gold, mining companies, explorers, and junior explorers.

That means you won’t be playing it as hedge, a defensive strategy, or as a store of wealth… you’ll be using gold as an investment that could easily outpace inflation. Here’s a peak at how…

3 of the ETFs in this report allow you to trade on the gold bullion market as if you had the gold stashed in your own home. So, you get the performance of the physical gold market… without the backbreaking effort of lugging a few hundred pounds of gold to and from the marketplace.

12-Month Target 11% to 398%

One of the gold mining ETFs featured in this breathtaking report is dedicated to big-game hunters. It’s an ETF that buys stocks in small and medium companies – often called junior explorers. It doesn’t stick to just the U.S. either. Junior explorers are dreamers’ plays… high-risk companies with the potential for large discoveries… buyouts by larger firms… in short, huge paydays.

Along with these 4 plays, you’ll also get everything you need to know about 7 more, gold-focused ETFs.

That makes a total of 4 brand-new, Special Reports detailing a total of 24 recommendations – each chosen so you can take advantage of the infrastructure boom – as well as inflation – and profit for years to come.

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However, if you decide to double-down, and select a 2-year subscription, you’ll also get 2 ADDITIONAL Bonus Special Reports – both of which contain specific recommendations for profiting off inflation.

First, you will gain immediate access to this cutting edge report that will keep you surefooted in a slippery bond market.


Liquidity Lockdown: Safeguard Your Investments Against a Bond Fund Freeze. Jim offers bondholders exact details and strategies on to how protect their bond holdings and thrive during a run on bonds.

Ultimately, the truth is that people who know exactly where to put their money will be the big winners as the economy races to life… and even experiences some inflation.

Now, even though it’s likely been a while since you had to know how to play inflation for maximum gains, you don’t have to worry about being rusty. You’ll find everything you need in Liquidity Lockdown


Retirement Fund Maximizer: How to Boost Your Retirement Income. Get everything you need to make the right decisions when it comes to inflation and your retirement accounts.

You’ll see how easy it is to achieve or expand your retirement dreams… This is just the type of vital report that could restore the confidence of people who’ve lost hope of having enough retirement savings.

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  1. The First Mover’s Guide to Low-Risk, High Gain Infrastructure Investing
  2. Hands Across the Water: 3 World Beating Infrastructure Plays
  3. How to Use Inflation as an Investment Strategy
  4. The Gold Rush of 2017 – 2018


2 Years for Just $498 $89.
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  1. The First Mover’s Guide to Low-Risk, High Gain Infrastructure Investing
  2. Hands Across the Water: 3 World Beating Infrastructure Plays
  3. How to Use Inflation as an Investment Strategy
  4. The Gold Rush of 2017 – 2018
  5. Liquidity Lockdown: Safeguard Your Investments Against a Bond Fund Freeze
  6. Retirement Fund Maximizer : How to Boost Your Retirement Income